How To Wake Up Mindfully

I’ve always been and will forever be a morning person- the type of morning person who is in the kitchen making rooster noises after 5 hours of sleep. Caffeine-free, hop up out the bed turn my swag on sort of stuff. I even annoy myself from time to time. But what if you haven’t mastered the art of the A.M. like me and want to jump start your day in a meaningful way? The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of shuteye for an adult; adequate sleep is obviously the bedrock for waking up like a champion/goddess. Here’s a list of other practices you can use to your advantage:

  • Take time to commune with God. Keep it real and let him know you’re in desperate need of sustained energy.
  • Remember that DT is still  president and we have to fight.
  • Throw oranges, carrots, lemon and ginger in the juicer. Take shots.
  • Read motivational quotes or scripture that will get you pumped about life outside of your bed (I recommend Maya Angelou).
  • Repeat this phrase over and over: Beyonce wants me to wake up and realize my full potential. 
  • Think about how short life is- you might as well get up now.
  • Picture yourself as a beam of energy hurtling toward a clear sky. Be as brilliant, focused and unapologetic as that beam.
  • Hydrate ( no wine until after noon though)
  • Do not project your negative emotions onto your new day. Your new day hasn’t done anything to you.
  • Downward-facing dog it and get your blood flowing.
  • Call your Mother. You will never get back to sleep.
  • Make your alarm a song or tune that gets you excited about something you need to accomplish.
  • Send a motivational text to your BFF. Inspire yourself to inspire them.
  • Squat as soon as your feet touch the floor. Negative vibes will bounce off your firm backside and away from you- trust me on this one.

So use this list to create a custom regimen for you. The way you start your day can often dictate how much success you find in it. So get to it! And call your Mom no matter what.

                                                                        Forever Woke,

                                                                       The Iron Sister 


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