Polenta Skillet Cakes with Grapefruit Ginger Cream

Craving something sweet but not too sweet? Want complex, rich flavors on your plate with minimal effort? Say no more. This recipe was born of boredom and a weird combination of stuff in my refrigerator. I used pre-cooked polenta in tube form; it cooks quickly and is easy to cut into even rounds. Grab Greek yogurt, honey, grapefruit and ginger( I used powdered to shorten prep time), and you’re ready to wow a small crowd or snack sinfully by yourself.

Everything you’ll need!

Make the grapefruit cream first! Letting it sit in the refrigerator for a few minutes while the polenta cakes crisp up allows the flavors to marry/ get sexy.  FYI polenta is a cornmeal paste or dough traditionally found in Italian kitchens. The mild, savory flavor harmonizes perfectly with the tangy sweetness of the yogurt mixture. I cut half of the tube into 1/2 inch rounds and sauté in olive oil until almost brown- usually 4 minutes per side.


After mixing, the sauce should should be an eggshell color with some runniness to it. If it’s a bit too thick, add additional grapefruit juice or a splash of nonfat milk.
Coconut oil can be used for a slightly sweeter cake.

Pour the cream over the cakes or dollop on the side. Drizzle honey over your finished product and garnish with berries or mint if you’re feeling bougie ( I was).  You will end up swirling every crumb of polenta into the cream and you will want to pair this with a chilled rosé or sauvignon blanc.

Polenta Skillet Cakes with Grapefruit Cream 
Serves 2 – prep 5 mins – cooking 10 mins

9 oz (half of standard tube)pre-cooked polenta
1/2 cup plain Greek yoghurt
4-6 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice
3 teaspoons ginger
4 tablespoons honey
Olive or coconut oil
Berries for garnish optional

Combine yoghurt, honey, ginger and grapefruit juice in a small mixing bowl. Refrigerate. Cut polenta into 1/2 inch rounds. Sauté rounds in a nonstick pan for about 4 minutes per side until golden. Plate polenta with cream poured over or placed on the side. Drizzle with honey and garnish to your heart’s content!

© The Iron Sister