Back to School

Hello all! I know it has been forever and I’m sorry. I’ve started and stopped a hundred posts due to self-doubt, laziness and a host of other lame excuses in the last two months. Lets catch up. It’s still 1000 degrees here in Alabama, we still have a razor-lipped super villain for a president, and I went back to school yesterday! I hadn’t been in a college classroom since late 2011 and I was/am so excited for a new start. My emotions were this frantic mix of regret, anxiety, joy, and determination. Am I smart enough? Does everyone know how old I am? But I made it. I walked among the teeming crowds of sloppily dressed teens without breaking a hip or losing confidence. I am a scholarly goddess ascending into the frothy clouds once more. But enough about me – lets talk about all of my professors and how I feel about them.

English let’s call him Mr. T-shirt

  • wore a rock band t-shirt and dirty jeans to class. Hm ok.
  • was very late to class. Don’t ever play me like that again T-shirt.
  • made us watch a motivational Youtube video that I will never forgive him for.

History aka Patty

  • wore a bag that I assume was originally a tunic. Also wore parachute pants.
  • beautiful silver hair and sweet, mousy voice.
  • talked about her past life as a journalist and said “If you can make it at a newspaper you can make it anywhere.”

Spanish aka Papi

  • wore a beautiful tailored suit.
  • loud, warm, and encouraging.
  • told me my accent was on point so he’s my favorite right now.

Mass Communications or Walter Cronkite

  • sat the entire class so I have no style notes at this time.
  • remembered having me as a student years ago and asked if I had turned my media writing skills into success yet. I answered by laughing to mask my tears.
  • his monotone lecture had me looking at the clock every 4.5 minutes. Bless his heart.

Music Appreciation known to me as Peter Pettigrew

  • wore pleather/denim fusion pants and the smell of a thousand cigarettes.
  • said that he was God and king of the classroom whilst tapping his foot.
  • I could honestly write an entire post about this human. Might switch this class for another one though because I feel like he’s going to try and out-diva me.. issa no.

Until next time!


The Iron Sister