Spring Haikus

Untitled Pen Drawing, Courtney J. Rice

I’ve been in a weird place these last couple of months. Delirious happiness, bitter heartbreak, and catastrophic rage have all fraternized in this heart of mine lately. Ain’t being a woman grand? The only way I can make sense of the world is with poetry, and the only way I can process my ever-fluid feelings are in small bits at a time. So here’s a few haikus inspired by this season of rebirth. The art that accompanies it was drawn by my dearest friend, Courtney J. Rice.


The blood moon held lies
Gazing and promising love
But meaning pollen


Wisteria leans
In to greet me as I run
From your shadowed scenes


How did you know that
I wanted black eyed susans
From a closed- mouth man


Sour winds break my skin
Sun is empty as always
I am tired like dust

-The Iron Sister